AIRFOFT's main characteristic is to make the best aerated ice cream. The incorporation of air in the product makes it different from the others and attributes properties that are only possible with this process. As a result, AIRSOFT will provide you with a significant increase in your profits. Take a leap in the quality and profitability of your product!


Excellence in productivity! Double was developed for large-scale production, as it is equipped with CCP intelligent system - CONTROL, CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION, which makes two compressors operate jointly or individually and in rotation, regulating higher and lower production, resulting in savings energy consumption and increased equipment life. Double has vats for two more mixed flavors, and produces up to 100kg of ice cream per hour. An excellent machine and the best in its segment!


Maxi Plus is a robust machine! It has a control system called "MAXI" which provides greater independent refrigeration control and maintains maximum production, leaving the ice cream always at the ideal point. Maintains the quality of the product even when requiring the removal of individual flavor. Maxi is excellent and provides optimization, efficiency and electricity savings. Its production capacity is 33 kilos / hour, with two flavors and one more mixed, a great choice for places that have a greater flow of customers.


Plus is the pioneer Tecsoft machine. Because it is traditional, it maintains the preference and is the most beloved among ice cream makers, as it provides excellent cost-benefit ratio, it is robust and easy to operate, its main characteristic is simplicity in its adjustments as well as its parts. Plus has two flavors and one more mixed, with a capacity of 30 kg / hour. It has models for Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Acai Express. The model was approved by all customers, making it a sales leader for several consecutive years.


Convenience has as its main advantage the cost-benefit, practicality in commuting, also because it is compact and easy to install. Set up your ice cream shop wherever you want, just use your creativity to make Convenience an excellent source of income. The line produces 1 flavor and its autonomy is 15 kg / hour of ice cream, frozen or açaí. Choose the segment you want and make good deals.


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